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Winner Experience Recap: Photobomb Zedd in Dallas

April 19th, 2019

Music Minds Matter teamed up with Lyft to send a fan to Dallas to not only attend the Zedd show but to take the ultimate selfie - from the DJ booth with Zedd during his set!

Debbie from Austin talks about the awesome 3 day trip below!

How did you find out about Propeller and what type of actions did you complete to earn points towards winning this experience?

Debbie: I found out about Propeller through Facebook. In order to earn points, I signed petitions, subscribed to newsletters, watched a lot of informative videos (which I really enjoyed), and encouraged friends to sign up so that they could also learn about various causes. One of my friends, who is a school teacher, is considering using the videos in her classes.

What was the highlight of your time in Dallas?

Debbie: Meeting Zedd was definitely the highlight of the trip, but before doing so, my friend and I explored downtown and ate good food. We were impressed by the Dallas Cattle Drive Sculptures and we appreciated Ellen's Southern Kitchen! Having time to explore a new city was a plus.

Did you meet Zedd? How was this experience?

Debbie: We did meet him!! It was really cool to see him in person. I have been a supporter for a long time and I have gone to multiple of his shows, so I felt a ton of emotions being in his presence. Despite being under the weather, he was really sweet. Being able to go on stage was the best part of the concert!

Everyone we communicated with was great! After meeting Zedd, we were shown backstage, including the green room of the supporting acts. As a result, we met Lophile and Michael, one of Grey's members. Just like Zedd, I support Lophile and Grey, so being able to interact with them backstage was nice. Lophile showed us his awesome yoyo skills and Michael invited my friend to play a video game (Super Smash Bros) with him. They are pretty cool people! This made the experience feel very personal.

Being on stage with Zedd and getting a glimpse of his view was mind-blowing. It went by so fast, yet what my friend and I remember and appreciated was seeing Zedd in his zone. When we got on stage, he looked so happy it made me forget about my nerves. Definitely a great artist, but most importantly, a great person.    

Is there anything we could do to improve the experience?

Debbie: I do not think so. Everybody with whom I was in contact with made this experience go smoothly. I also want to show my appreciation for the work Propeller does and the campaign Music Minds Matter is doing, bringing attention to mental health in the music industry. Lastly, we want to thank all of those who we were not in contact with, yet made this unforgettable experience happen!

Learn more about the Music Minds Matter by visiting their profile on Propeller. Thanks to everyone who participated.