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Winner Recap: Meet Illenium and bring all your friends to the show in Los Angeles

December 19th, 2019

Josh from CO won tickets to meet Illenium in LA and bring 28 of his friends to the show! After his awesome night, we caught up with him to hear all about the experience.

Propeller: How did you find out about Propeller and what type of actions did you complete to earn points towards winning this experience?

JOSH: ILLENIUM shared the experience on his Instagram story, which served as my introduction to Propeller. I entered, and then donated multiple times to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund that was involved with the experience. I also signed up for an automatic monthly donation to the non-profit.

Propeller: What was the highlight of your time at Wonderfront Festival?

JOSH: I live in Denver, and the event was in LA. I leveraged a couple ILLENIUM Facebook groups and my network in that community to find 28 people that could join me in LA. I had not personally met a single person until the day of the event. The highlight was being able to share the experience with new friends, and bond over our shared passion for ILLENIUM. We call ourselves Illenials, and having an entire suite all to ourselves was magical. 


Propeller: How was meeting Illenium?

JOSH: He is truly appreciative of his fans, and you can sense it the moment you see him. He skips the handshake and greets everyone with a hug. It's not rushed and he makes sure everyone gets autographs and pictures. We also got to meet him privately, we weren't grouped together with other groups of people, so that was neat!


Propeller: Which non-profits at Propeller are most important to you and why?

JOSH: Sweet Relief Musicians Fund is the only non-profit I'm familiar with at this point and Propeller was my introduction to them. Their non-profit is very unique and I imagine it serves an overlooked segment of the world that sometimes needs some assistance. Music is a big part of everyone's life, so I appreciate that they are there for career musicians. I will definitely be exploring others on Propeller.

Propeller: Is there anything we could do to improve the experience?

JOSH: No, it was perfect from start to finish and will be an experience I'll always look back on.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the campaign!