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Winner Recap: Meet Tig Notaro in New Hampshire

May 8th, 2023

Karla H. from Massachusetts was the winner of the Propeller experience to "Meet Tig Notaro in New Hampshire" that took place in April 2023. Below are some of Karla's highlights from the experience.

We had a phenomenal trip to meet Tig in New Hampshire!

We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Concord and had a great balcony view of downtown. The hotel also had pretty cool mirrors.

In keeping with Propeller's values, we celebrated Earth Day by visiting the NH Audubon before the show. We met a red-tailed hawk, pet a python, and built a birdhouse. We also stopped by a local farm to buy the gouda cheese we enjoyed while dining in Concord on our first night.

Tig's 'Hello Again' show was fantastic. That evening, we laughed and sang along to Tig's piano playing (she's not half bad!), and got to chat with our favorite comedian backstage. The meet & greet surpassed our expectations; we shared with Tig how much her comedy meant to us both, learned more about her, and she asked us both about our backgrounds. We told Tig she'd improved as a pianist since we saw her last. She said "you can only pretend-play piano for so long before you get a bit better." At the end, she offered us her extra Topo Chico mineral waters as a parting gift. We'll keep them forever.

Thanks so much to Tig and her team, Hannah, and Propeller for an incredible and unforgettable weekend.

- Karla H.