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Tell President Biden: It Is Time for Bold Action on Nuclear Weapons


The nuclear status quo is a dangerous game that assumes our luck will never run out, that these horrible weapons will never be used again.

It's time to raise your voice, join others around the country, and demand President Joe Biden fundamentally reform US nuclear weapons policy, reduce nuclear dangers, and publicly re-affirm that the pursuit of global nuclear disarmament is a centerpiece of US national security policy.

Sign the petition calling on President Biden to take bold action on nuclear weapons today.

We will be delivering this national appeal directly to key members of the incoming administration's national security team in the near future.

To: President Joe Biden

This moment demands unprecedented leadership from you as our country confronts so many crises, from climate change to the pandemic to the rise of authoritarianism and white supremacy. One preventable disaster is nuclear war—a threat that puts all of humanity at existential risk.

We call on you to take bold action to fundamentally reform US nuclear weapons policy, reduce nuclear dangers, and publicly re-affirm that the pursuit of global nuclear disarmament is a centerpiece of US national security policy.

There are a number of steps your administration can and should take in the first year of your administration. Specifically we urge you to:

  • immediately negotiate with Russia a five-year extension of the New START Treaty;
  • enact a policy that the United States will never use nuclear weapons first, as you have repeatedly expressed support for;
  • take immediate steps to change the current policy that gives you—as president—sole authority over the decision to order the use of nuclear weapons;
  • significantly scale back plans to rebuild the entire nuclear arsenal, canceling plans for a costly, unnecessary new land-based intercontinental ballistic missile and the new nuclear weapons proposed by the Trump administration; and
  • pursue diplomacy and cooperation with China, not confrontation and conflict.

Our country is seriously hurting, with millions of people out of work and the divide between rich and poor only growing. We should be investing in our communities and economic recovery, not spending hundreds of billions of dollars on new nuclear weapons that make us less safe and will only accelerate the growing global nuclear arms race.

I urge you and your administration to recognize the Treaty on the Prohibition on Nuclear weapons as an historic, meaningful global disarmament initiative that complements—not undermines—existing nuclear arms control agreements, notably the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Nuclear weapons are the most horrific, destructive, inhumane weapons ever created. One nuclear bomb detonated over a large city could kill millions, in an instant. And the testing and production of nuclear weapons over the past seven decades has caused so many people and communities great harm and killed thousands. Your administration must do all it can to support and care for them, including supporting the extension and expansion of the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act, which is set to expire in 2022.

It's time to re-affirm and work aggressively toward the goal that President Obama committed to in Prague in April 2009: the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons. It is an achievable goal and the only way to completely eliminate the grave risks that nuclear weapons pose to us all. But it can only be realized if you commit to it and work hard to get us there. We will support you every step of the way.

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