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Switching to Electric Vehicles is CRUCIAL in reducing carbon emissions! UCS Explains

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Electric vehicles are a crucial part of the puzzle to clean up emissions from the transportation sector. They have lower carbon emissions from manufacturing and charging than gasoline powered vehicles, reduce harmful tailpipe pollution, and are cheaper to charge and maintain than gasoline cars.

This video was designed and created by Faffs Riederer. Faffs is a UCS Science Network member, a climate activist, and artist studying to become a transportation planner based in Tucson, Arizona. You can find more of their work at and follow them on twitter @FaffsRiederer

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  • Click here to learn about the consumer benefits from owning an EV in your state.
  • Click here to learn more about the inequitable public health risks from traffic-related air pollution.
  • Click here to learn about consumer preferences for buying new vehicles.
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