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About We Are Neutral

We Are Neutral is an environmental nonprofit that helps businesses and individuals understand, reduce, and offset their carbon footprints, giving them the opportunity to take responsibility for their environmental impact and achieve carbon neutrality.

Our carbon offset and reduction projects include providing energy upgrades for low-income families, native tree plantings, invasive species removal, urban agriculture, landfill diversion, landfill methane capture, vehicle fuel efficiency tuneups, and massive amounts of environmental education.

For the last ten years, We Are Neutral has worked with Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival and the Bonnaroo Works Fund in the name of a healthier planet. We have calculated the festival's comprehensive carbon footprint, provided the festival with carbon offsets, and performed energy upgrades for 900 local families (saving them $135,940 on their utility bills), all while giving Bonnaroovians the chance to offset the carbon footprint of their travel to/from the festival at our booth in Planet Roo.

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