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Ask Your Friends to Tell Uber & Lyft to Reduce Their Global Warming Emissions

Even if you've never taken a ride with Uber or Lyft, their explosive growth is hard to ignore. Unfortunately, the data shows that explosive growth is also leading to more global warming emissions and urban congestion. Thankfully, there is a solution.

Tell the CEOs of Uber and Lyft to take decisive action to reduce global warming emissions from ride-hailing services and accelerate their company's efforts to electrify vehicles, dramatically increase ride pooling, complement and connect to public transit, and steer ride-hailing toward a clean transportation future.

Ask your friends to sign the petition using the links below to demand that Uber and Lyft take decisive action to reduce global warming emissions from ride-hailing services.


Get 5 friends to sign the petition using your link, and earn a $5 Amazon Gift Card.

You will receive your gift card 5-7 business days after completing the action.

Remember: We're doing this to help the cause. Any attempt to cheat or game the system will result in an automatic disqualification. All signatures must be real. Please view the Propel Challenge terms & conditions for more information.

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