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Finding the Strength to Heal

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University of Michigan PhD Laura Sinko's nursing doctoral dissertation, "Finding Strength in Healing," aims to identify individual and contextual influences of trauma healing for undergraduate survivors of unwanted sexual experiences. Sinko commissioned Director Michael Boctor to help disseminate her findings by sharing the healing journeys of survivors through this artistic and compelling video.

Dr. Sinko interviewed 24 anonymous survivors of sexual assault. Those interview transcripts, written by Dr. Sinko and Boctor, were then read by actresses at from the University of Michigan. Watch to see how together we can make a more healing world.

Director: Michael Boctor
Executive Producer: Laura Sinko
Associate Producer: Courtney Burns
Sound Composer: Joshua Spacht
Artist: Molly Wu
Director of Photography: Michael Boctor
Editor: Michael Boctor

Alix Curnow
Aly Charf
Dierra Barlow
Allie Reynolds
Sofia Angelopoulos
Alex Lee
Sarah Prendergast
Mary Handsome
Blake Roman Bojewski

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