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Technically Illegal* - REFORM Alliance

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For millions of Americans on parole and probation, everyday life can be treated like a crime. Follow @REFORM Alliance to join the movement, change the system and GIVE LIFE BACK to families and communities.

Every four minutes, someone on parole/probation is sent to prison for a technical violation, such as:

• Crossing state lines
• Being late for a parole meeting
• Breaking curfew
• Being in contact with someone else on parole/probation, even if it's family
• Losing your job
• Not being able to find a job in two weeks
• Being late for a probation or parole appointment.
• Coming into contact with the police
• Being in the presence of alcohol.
• Not being able to afford your bills,
• Not being able to afford a drug test, which results in an automatic drug test failure.
• Missing school.
• Being unable to pay court fees.
• Having alcohol in your home.
• Refusing to let an officer in if they show up at your home for a random house check.
• Being unable to pay restitution.
…and many more.

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