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About Heroic Hearts Project

Heroic Hearts Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to help veterans suffering from military trauma move from surviving to thriving by fostering a healing community centered around providing safe, supervised access to psychedelic treatments.


We aim to do so by sponsoring veterans' psychedelic treatments in ceremonial or supportive clinical group settings and by supporting them before, during, and after those treatments, not only through a peer community but with professional preparation and integration coaching and other wellness resources.

We can ensure quality because we curate our own psychedelic retreat protocol specifically tailored towards veterans with military trauma.

Other Initiatives

HHP aims to contribute to the growing base of psychedelic research, to educate the public on the potential of psychedelics based on the outcomes of this research, and to advocate for policy changes enabling increased and more equitable access to psychedelic therapies.

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