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Donate Canned Goods to San Diego Food Bank


Donate Canned Goods to San Diego Food Bank

Have nonperishable food items to donate to help local families in need? Bring them to your nearest San Diego Food Bank drop off site and earn 2,000 points on Propeller.

All you have to do to earn your points is...

  1. Find your nearest drop off site here.
  2. Capture an image as you drop off your food items.
  3. Simply fill out the form below, upload your image, and leave a note about when & where you donated.

*By submiting this form you are giving San Diego Food Bank & Propeller, and its partners permission to publicly share and use the information and videos.
**Invalid photos (ie spam or a photo that you're not in) will not be accepted. Points will be credited once a moderator has verified your submissions fits within the parameters.

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