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Stop the Fossil Fuel Industry's Cynical Exploitation of War in Ukraine to Expand Oil and Gas Drilling


The oil and gas industry has launched an ugly campaign to exploit Russia's violent and unjust invasion of Ukraine to protect and grow their profits. Their goal: ramp up new oil and gas drilling on our public lands and off our shores, fast-track new fossil fuel pipelines and infrastructure, and roll back climate action and environmental and public health protections.

That is exactly the wrong response. This conflict is further proof that we need to swiftly move to a 100% clean energy economy and away from an unpredictable economy tied to fossil fuels.

Russia's authoritarian government is using fossil fuels as a weapon. It's time to take that weapon away, and protect our families and our economy, by transitioning to clean energy.

As an alarming new report from the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) highlighted, worsening climate change is causing grievous harm and growing costs to people around the world — underscoring the urgency of climate action.

The Biden administration and Congress must not fall prey to the fossil fuel industry's cynical exploitation of this crisis.

Sign this petition to President Biden, cabinet officials, and Congress demanding they block any efforts to use war in Ukraine to scale back clean energy and increase climate-busting oil and gas drilling.

Dear Lawmakers:

I am appalled by Russia's violent and unjust invasion of Ukraine.

The fossil fuel industry is outrageously exploiting the crisis to try to expand oil and gas drilling in the U.S., fast-track pipelines and other dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure, lock Europe into more climate-damaging gas consumption, and roll back actions to address the growing climate crisis.

That is the wrong response. This crisis is one more reason to end our reliance on dirty and dangerous fossil fuels.

Please stand strong against the fossil fuel industry's cynical ploy. Instead, I call on you to support President Biden's legislative package of strategic investment that will dramatically expand job-creating clean energy, tackle climate change, and end our dependence on oil dictatorships like Russia.

These actions will help Ukraine, Europe, the U.S., and countries around the world achieve true energy independence.

Thank you.

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