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Bloom Sticker Pack

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Get this 6x4 inch sticker pack from the Bloom campaign by redeeming your points.

Learn more about the inspiration behind the Bloom artwork from artist Zoë Cain:

"This piece is a depiction of my own internal psychological landscape. It is a colorful, busy, and often overwhelming place. In much of my work, I illustrate neurotic monsters and creatures to give faces to some of my "inner demons" and the mental health struggles I face — PTSD, anxiety, depression, panic disorder, etc. Here these creatures are made to look silly, scared, or playful to understand and empathize with those parts of myself rather than to demonize them. When I view these parts of myself as frightened, childlike, or protective, I can more wholly love and accept them. As an artist, I try to provide visibility for people living with mental illness and share what I've learned through my own experiences."

Bloom is a collection of actions and organizations focused on mental health and personal transformation.

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