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Looking to replace your coffee habit? Look no further than SuperMush. Redeem just 2,000 points and get this SuperMush daily energy spray!

I'm here to help supercharge your energy. I've invited a few of my fungi powerhouses Cordyceps and Lion's Mane to the party. Their plus ones? Some real nice-looking superfood eye candy. I taste like a mouthwatering, perfectly chilled tangerine crush on the first day of Summer.

Key Ingredients:

Proprietary Blend: 523 mg †: Organic Cordyceps 10:1 Fruiting Body Extract ‡, Organic, Lion's Mane 20:1 Fruiting Body Extract ‡, Organic Rhodiola 8:1

Other Ingredients: Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Ethyl Alcohol GNS 190 Proof ‡, Organic Orange Extract ‡, Organic Orange Peel Extract ‡, Organic Elderflower Extract ‡, Fermented Green Tea Extract ‡, Organic Bourbon Vanilla Extract ‡, Organic Honey ‡, Organic Monkfruit Extract ‡

‡ Certified Organic

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