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Breathe In the Smog, Drink In the Lead: A Grim Scary Tale for People Who Care about Kids (Action 1 of 2)

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Someone is threatening the health of children all across the United States! And nothing is safe: not the food kids eat, the toys they play with, the schools they learn in, the water they drink—not even the very air they breathe! Will we let kids breathe in the smog and drink in the lead? Or will we stand up for science instead?

Breathe in the Smog, Drink in the Lead: A Grim Scary Tale for People Who Care about Kids is a wake-up call from the Union of Concerned Scientists, for everyone invested in future generations to learn how the Trump administration's choices are harming our children's health. It's based on our report Endangering Generations, an analysis of the effects of these choices on children.

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