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Winner Recap: Win A VIP Trip To Meet Noah Kahan At Austin City Limits

October 28th, 2023

Kyle S. from Indiana was the winner of the Propeller experience to "Win A VIP Trip To Meet Noah Kahan At Austin City Limits" that took place in October 2023. Below are some of Kyle's highlights from the experience.

This was truly a once in a lifetime experience for me!

Heading to Texas from Indiana is quite the change of scenery, going from 40 degree weather to 80 degree weather was such a pleasure. The hotel was in a beautiful neighborhood within an easy walk to a disc golf course, which my brother and I played before heading to the music festival on Friday.

Settling into the first day of the Austin City Limits Music Festival was extremely fun since this was my first music festival experience ever. The opening day featured two artists I particularly looked forward to seeing, Maggie Rogers and The Lumineers. The atmosphere was electric and made me aware that this festival truly brings together a wide array of fans that can simply come together to appreciate music.

Saturday was the day we got to meet Noah Kahan, so that meant putting on my favorite Noah shirt (a version which I think everyone should have) and mentally preparing myself to meet greatness. We warmed ourselves up by listening to Declan McKenna and Mt. Joy before heading to the T-Mobile stage where we would get to watch him from the side of the stage! Having seen his show from lawn seating in Indianapolis, I was excited to listen from the on-stage perspective. Hearing the massive amount of fans singing/shouting the songs had a deep impact on me.

I have followed Noah's music since college, with many of his songs helping me realize that mental health isn't something we need to struggle through alone and that even famous musicians deal with the same struggles we do. Witnessing his following grow so immensely in such a short time frame goes to show how impactful he has been on crowds of people and how relatable my own experiences most likely are to others. Seeing as this was the end of Noah's tour, he brought out Mumford & Sons for a special appearance as they were to headline on Sunday, a crazy time to be able to witness my favorite artists play live on stage together only 15 feet away from me!

After his set, we had the chance to meet Noah behind the scenes for a bit. The reason Noah is my favorite artist is his humility among all the hubbub. While we met with him, we easily connected over our mutual love of soccer (although he is a Chelsea fan while I support Arsenal). My concerns of being starstruck quickly melted as he smoothly offered to take photos and sign my shirt! He's also got a great sense of humor, writing "Go Blues" with his signature (the mascot of Chelsea).

On Sunday, my brother and I listened to M83, Hozier, and Mumford & Sons. Hearing Hozier live was a blessing similar to that of seeing Noah, as I have always appreciated his soulful music and incredible voice which carried over to a live venue spectacularly.

I would highly recommend the ACL Music Festival for anyone wanting to experience quality music without too much walking, with the venue offering stages close to each other in terms of walking distance but far enough away to not cause a mixture of music.

I want to thank Noah for setting up The Busyhead Project that made all of this possible. The organization collects donations for mental health institutions and societies to support those struggling with a wide array of mental health issues. Thanks also goes to Propeller for hosting giveaways to help support organizations in their collections to give to those in need. Many thanks to Hannah and Maddie from Propeller who made the experience smooth and easily manageable as well as providing support as needed.

- Kyle S.