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Propeller F.A.Q.'s


Q: What is Propeller?

A: Propeller exists to create change. By using the power and reach of influencers, reward, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, our cutting edge digital tools help drive engagement for the world's most important causes. We make activism both fun and personally rewarding.

Q: What does Propeller do with my data?

A: Only what we say we're doing. Our campaigns are meant to help build support and awareness for important issues on behalf of nonprofits and influencers. If you ever have a questions about how your data is being used, you can check out our privacy policy.

Q: How do I know Propeller is legitimate and the experiences are real?

A: Propeller works with some of the world's most well-known nonprofits and influencers. We couldn't do what we're doing if our experiences weren't real. Look out for our winner recaps on our social media.



Q: I just got an IP address warning, what do I need to do?

A: All users are only allowed one Propeller account and if we notice you seem to have 2 or more on the same IP address this will get flagged. If you only have one account then make sure you select that you have other friends and family using the same IP address when prompted.

Q: How do I submit a bug for the website?

A: Please email

Q: Why is my donation not going through?

A: Please make sure that all fields are complete on your profile, including you full address. If everything is complete and you are still unable to donate, please email detailing your issue, which device and browser you are using and a screen shot of the error.


Rewards & Donations

Q: Where is my reward?

A: Many of our rewards take at least 2-4 weeks to ship, please check the time frame detailed on the website for your reward. If you think it has been longer than expected and you still don't have your reward then please contact along with your receipt.

Q: I live outside of the US, can I donate for rewards?

A: Each reward is different so please check on the individual reward page to see if the item ships internationally. Due to complications shipping internationally in the past, such as lost or damaged items and the cost to non-profits to reship, please be aware that any international orders for items stating 'domestic shipping only' will not be fulfilled.

Q: How do I cancel my Sierra Club membership?

A: You will need to contact Sierra Club directly to cancel your membership. You can do so here -

Q: How much of my donation goes to the nonprofit I am supporting?

A: On average, about 80% of your donation goes directly to your chosen non-profit.

Q: Do my points expire?

A: Points expire if you have not logged in within 365 days.

Q: I have an unknown charge on my card? Why does my donation receipt say X?

A: If you have any questions about your donations please email us at

Q: Can I have my donation refunded?

A: Unfortunately, all donations made through Propeller are non-refundable. To refund you takes extra money from the cause and leaves them out of pocket.


Q: Has the winner of the experience I entered been selected?

A: After the winner has been selected it takes a few days to confirm all the details so it can take approximately a week to announce the winner. Be sure to check our winners list for updates.

Q: What's the difference between points and entries?

A: You can earn points by engaging with actions on the site and these point need to be traded for entries. Unless specified otherwise each entry is worth 5 points.

Q: How do I use my points for entries into an experience?

A: First, you need to enter the experience by taking one of the actions associated with the experience. Once entered, you can use your points to redeem more entries into that experience either by visiting the experience page or your user dashboard.

Q: I live outside of the US, can I enter the experience sweepstakes?

A: Unless specified otherwise, all contests are open to everyone worldwide. Please check your local laws to make sure you are able to claim the prize should you win.

 Q. Do you guys do any carbon offsetting?

A: Propeller is passionate about the environment and conscious of our Carbon Footprint. We will cover the cost of offsetting carbon for all air travel included in our experiences. 

Premier Status

Q: What is Propeller Premier?

A: Propeller Premier is our membership program. You can join Premier at either a yearly or lifetime level. When enrolled in Premier you will receive double points for all donations made directly through Propeller and on all actions you take on the site as well as receive automatic entry into all Premier exlcusive experiences. You can upgrade to Premier here.

You can also enroll in Premier by committing to donate monthly to one of our cause verticals. These include Bloom, PORTAL, NOW, Enough and Pride. By doing so, you are committing to a recurring monthly contribution that will be taken from your card on file each month. For as long as you are enrolled you will receive Premier benefits such as double points.

You can cancel at any time through your Propeller Dashboard or by contacting Propeller at

Once you cancel you will immediately stop receiving any benefits of your Premier account, such as double points.

All contributions to Propeller are non-refundable.

Q: I just signed up for Premier, can I get the points I earned up to that point doubled?

A: Double points for Premier Member cannot be credited retroactively and will only be doubled going forward from sign up.

Q: I should be getting double points but I'm not, why is this?

A: If you signed up for Premier by enrolling in monthly contributions then you should receive double points straight away. If you signed up for yearly or Platinum membership it may take up to 2 business days for your double points to kick in. 

 Q: How do I cancel my Propeller Premier membership?

A: You can manage and cancel your monthly donations through your Propeller Dashboard or by emailing Once you cancel, you will cease to receive benefits such as double points immediately. If you signed up for a yearly membership your membership will lapse after 1 (one) calendar year unless renewed. Platinum membership is Premier membership for life. 



Q: What type of organizations do you work with?

A: Propeller drives measurable impact by partnering with the world's leading nonprofit organizations and most powerful influencers to engage the next generation of activists on today's most important issues. We support organizations that are working to create positive change on issues like gun safety, LGBTQ rights, the environment, social justice, etc.

Q: I have a cause/I am an artist, how do I get involved?

A: We are currently only taking on select non-profits but please get in touch with us at and tell us about yourself/your organization if you'd like to get involved

Q: Where do I find the stats for my nonprofit organizations?

A: When logged into Propeller through the personal account linked to your Cause page, you will need to go to your dashboard. In the top left corner above your profile, you can click on your cause name and this will take you to your cause stats page when you are able to see at a glance any activity/actions as well as download any available stats and donor lists.

If you don't see the answer to your question please feel free to reach out -